Specialists in commercial relocation &
refurbishment projects

As your business develops, or new technology and legislation make fresh demands on your premises, professional assistance should be sought to guide you through the process of change.

About Us

Relocate - Refurbish – Re-organise

Whether your project is to Relocate, Refurbish or Re-organise your business premises, one thing is certain. You will require a company which has an excellent track record to provide the expertise to execute your project. CBS have the talent and experience gained over twenty-five years to deliver your project successfully.

We have the knowledge to design and install your commercial office or industrial workspace project, from small works to major infrastructure.We will formulate plans and design to achieve the desired outcome and work with your project manager or team to determine the project specifics for example, design, timescale and budget.

We believe that our clients all have different needs and it is communication which helps our clients’ expectations the most. Communication with your project team will be managed to ensure you are in touch as much or as little you require, allowing you to continue managing your own business effectively. This flexibility allows us to tailor our services to match clients’ aspirations to a successful conclusion.

The Management of Change

The process of change is one that we are familiar with, and we can lead you through the design and approval process to deliver the change you require. 

Once agreed we believe our clients all have different needs and it is communication which helps our clients’ expectations the most.

We can deliver a diverse range of services that you may not consider part of our portfolio so, whatever your needs, get in touch and we will seek to help you.

Our Work

Our Services

  • Produce effective workplace design
  • Ensure the smooth running of your business whilst the work takes place
  • Ensure the project matches your aspirations
  • Maximise the use of space
  • Ensure all issues are covered in the design brief
  • Control cost
  • Built in flexibility
  • Discuss and agree contracts, material and finishes
  • Co-ordinate Building Control, Planning Permissions, Fire Officers, and other Legislative Issues
  • Liaise with other professionals and trades
  • Monitor and control final construction/detail drawings
  • Comply with all Health and Safety Legislation

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